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Core team

Petar Hristov | CEO
A wealth of experience in the cryptocurrency industry and IT field. With 8 years of dedicated experience in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies and 15 years of expertise in information technology, Petar brings a rare combination of skills to the table. A true visionary who has a deep understanding of the complex and nuanced world of blockchain technology, coupled with a strong background in software engineering and IT infrastructure. With a proven track record of success, our Petar's passion for innovation and commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of the company. Such an accomplished and experienced leader at the helm, driving the mission to the forefront of the crypto industry.
Estefano Ramirez | CMO & Advisor
Estefano Ramirez is a seasoned professional who delved into the world of web3 in 2019, marking the beginning of an exciting journey. His career in this transformative field commenced in 2022, bringing forth a wealth of experience and expertise. However, Estefano's professional trajectory initially took shape in the marketing realm back in 2012, where he had the privilege of working with prominent bluechip brands such as Spotify. While this venture offered its fair share of enjoyment, Estefano yearned for a greater sense of ownership, fueling his desire for company growth and strategic direction. Consequently, he made a pivotal decision to transition towards smaller start-ups, embarking on a path that aligns with his ambitions and aspirations in the dynamic world of web3.
Vasilije Mostrokol | BDO
Highly accomplished young professional with a solid academic foundation in Economics. Successful background in developing automotive and real estate companies. Deeply involved in blockchain technologies and long-term crypto investor. An active participator in the blockchain space with a focus on long-term, strategic investments and development. Highly focused on the synergy between traditional industries and emerging technologies.
Dominic Ryder | Blockchain advisor
CEO & Founder at $VEMP
Dominic Ryder, a passionate entrepreneur and advocate, is a driving force in the realms of DeFi and macroeconomics. Recognized as Hackernoon's 2021 Centralization Vanquisher of the Year and Startup Contributor of the Year, Dominic believes we are living in a historic period of unparalleled opportunities. With a laptop, an idea, and determination, he encourages individuals to stake their claim and pursue their passions, while he focuses on restoring blockchain technology to its decentralized roots. Join Dominic Ryder as he empowers DeFi innovators on an exciting journey of growth and innovation.
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Sky Wee | KOL & Advisor
Sky Wee is an Advisor and Key Opinion Leader of Bitago. With a stellar track record in the cryptocurrency and gaming worlds he is the Managing Partner of a prominent Venture Capital firms and an Official Influencer of CoinMarketCap and Binance, Sky Wee boasts over 4 million followers across social media platforms in Southeast Asia. He's set to help Bitago expand its community and attract a fresh audience in the region, making him a valuable addition to the Bitago team.
Myla Tkachenko | Brand Ambassador
Meet our accomplished Brand Ambassador, Myla Tkachenko, a prominent influencer in the crypto and blockchain industry. With rich experience and a vast following of 1.5 million, Myla is a respected voice in the community. As a Binance ambassador and host of her own Web3 podcast, her insights and expertise are invaluable to our project. We're thrilled to have Myla as a key member of our team, guiding us to new heights in the exciting world of cryptocurrency.
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Ned Nedyalkov | Business and Investments Advisor
| Venture Partner | Start-up Mentor | Investor
Investment Advisor with focus on startups and VCs, Mentorship and Business development services for companies, Consulting founders for pitch decks, Arranging finance solutions and investments for both investors & companies and assisting in International Expansions.
Marjan Mihov | Legal Advisor
Introducing our legal expert with a wealth of experience in the cryptocurrency industry. With an in-depth knowledge of the regulatory landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies, our legal person brings a unique and valuable perspective to our project. With years of experience navigating the complex legal and compliance issues in the crypto industry, our expert is well-equipped to ensure that our project operates within the bounds of the law while still pushing the boundaries of innovation. We're fortunate to have such an experienced and knowledgeable legal person on our team.