Bitago $XBIT
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Business model

One of the most difficult challenges for blockchain projects is attracting money from outside the token ecosystem. Without external revenue, the project token value will almost certainly fall to zero once no newcomers arrive. Linking Web 2 revenue to Web 3 assets is a problem that has yet to be solved.
In contrast to other blockchain projects, Bitago can generate economic revenue through shopping and advertising activities.
The main revenue stream will come from a few different sources. One source of revenue is transaction fees, which are charged to users for each transaction on the platform. Another revenue source is advertising, as companies may be willing to pay to advertise their products or services to the platform's user base.
The biggest revenue source will generate revenue through partnerships with merchants. These partnerships will allow Bitago receiving a percentage of sales made through the platform or the platform receiving a fee for referring users to the merchant's website.
To emphasize our distinction, we coined the term "Main Revenue Profit" (MRP). To ensure that every token has an intrinsic value generated by our users through their shopping, all profits from potential business (affiliate business, interchange fee, merchant commission, advertising activities) will be stored in the MRP and used to back the ADV tokens on the market rewarded to users as cashback.
Revenue Streams:
  • Partnership with retailers: ( Up to 30% commission )
By establishing partnerships with various merchants, both online and offline, when users make a purchase through Bitago App/Browser, Bitago earns a commission from the retailer as a referral fee. This commission is typically a percentage of the total purchase amount or a fixed amount per transaction.
A portion of the commission earned from the retailer is then passed on to the user in the form of crypto cashback. For example, if the cashback rate for a specific retailer is 10%, Bitago keep a portion as revenue and provide % of that revenue as cashback to the user in form of $XBIT token.
  • In-App Advertising and offers:
Bitago also generate revenue through advertisements and sponsored offers. Retailers may pay Bitago to promote their products or display targeted ads to app users.
Retailers can chose from several In-App advertising options to advertise their brand or products and reach larger audience to attract customers who travel directly to their stores such as Targeted Video Ads, Push Notifications, Geo-Location advertising, In-Store visits etc...
  • Memberships:
Premium memberships with additional benefits, such as higher cashback rates, fast payouts, exclusive deals and in-app perks. Users can subscribe to these memberships for a recurring fee, generating a steady stream of revenue.