Bitago $XBIT
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✅ - Completed
🚧 - In Progress
⏳ - Upcoming
⛔ - Canceled
Phase 1 (Q3 2023 - Q4 2023):
  • Merchant Partnerships: Establish strategic partnerships with a curated selection of merchants and retailers, enabling the provision of enticing cashback rewards across a diverse array of products and services.
  • Awareness Campaign: Launch a comprehensive marketing campaign aimed at enhancing the visibility and recognition of the Bitago app and token within the cryptocurrency community and the wider public.
  • Token Sale & Fundraising: Execute the token sale and fundraising activities to bolster project resources.
  • Smart Contract Development: Develop and implement the foundational smart contracts for the ecosystem, encompassing vital components like vesting and token contracts.
  • 🚧Exchange Listing: Introduce the Bitago token to cryptocurrency exchanges, facilitating trading activities.
  • 🚧Bitago Mobile App Launch: Initiate the deployment of the Bitago mobile app on both iOS and Android platforms.
  • 🚧Bitago Browser Extension Launch: We'll debut our browser extension, integrating crypto rewards into web browsing, offering users seamless ways to earn tokens while shopping, browsing, and engaging online. This launch extends our ecosystem's reach, enhancing user convenience and accessibility.
Phase 2 (Q1 2024 - Q2 2024):
  • Ecosystem Expansion: Broaden the ecosystem's scope by incorporating additional merchants and retailers, with a particular emphasis on niche and high-demand markets.
  • Ecosystem Enhancement: Implement upgrades and enhancements to the ecosystem, incorporating novel features to enrich the user experience.
  • Collaboration Exploration: Explore potential collaborative ventures with other blockchain projects, seeking to diversify the ecosystem's functionality and extend its outreach.
  • Awareness Campaign: Continue efforts to promote awareness of the Bitago app and token among the cryptocurrency community and the general public.
Phase 3 (Q3 2024 - Q4 2024):
  • DeFi Pilot Program: Initiate a pilot program for a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform within the Bitago ecosystem, aiming to explore new financial horizons.
  • Ecosystem Expansion Continuation: Persevere in broadening the ecosystem's footprint by forging alliances with fresh merchants and retailers, alongside the continuous introduction of innovative app features.
  • Smart Contract & Token Economics Planning: Embark on strategic planning for a significant upgrade of smart contracts and token economics, with the overarching goal of optimizing efficiency and user satisfaction.
Phase 4 (Q1 2025 - Q2 2025):
  • Smart Contract & Token Economics Upgrade: Launch the upgraded smart contracts and token economics, with a strong focus on enhancing user engagement and fostering adoption.
  • DeFi Platform Expansion: Expand the DeFi platform to encompass an extended range of financial products and services, including lending and borrowing.
  • Community Governance Launch: Implement a community governance system, empowering users to actively participate in the decision-making process, thus steering the ecosystem's development direction.
Phase 5 (Q3 2025 and beyond):
  • Sustained Innovation: Persist in the pursuit of innovation and ecosystem growth, with a particular emphasis on expanding the DeFi platform's reach and functionality.
  • Collaboration Exploration Continuation: Continue the exploration of potential collaborations with other blockchain projects, traditional financial institutions, and relevant stakeholders, with the ultimate aim of broadening the ecosystem's horizons.
  • Sustainable Ecosystem Building: Dedicate efforts to constructing a resilient and sustainable ecosystem that can consistently deliver value to its users and stakeholders for years to come.